Gifts or Trips.

07816488-ACE6-4050-B163-DDBFCAEE9E30.jpegWe are less than a week away from Christmas. This week is a little bit busy for us in our house hold from Kids Christmas Programs, to last minute shopping, I have homework and then Christmas Eve will be here faster than I know.

I was speaking with my husband last night about what we getting the kids we still have a few little things but what is left for us to buy the kids. Everyone asks you “What does the kids need” then you start telling them, Oh they like this and that, and oh and the sizes that they are and the things that they are into. But then you start to think what is there left after everyone buys what they needed. Then I’m stuck and back at square one thinking again what to get them.

My 8 year old is very simple he can entertain himself with legos, little army men hot wheels. My 5 year old has a closet full of dress up clothes, a few barbies and Disney princesses but let’s be honest she plays with them 4-5 times a month. They both have tablets but they play with them but they are not glued to it. They enjoy making messes taking out every single blanket in the closet and from there bed rooms and every single pillow from the house and building tents and using there imagination. Don’t get me wrong I love to help build the tents and join in on the fun we laugh watch movies and eat popcorn in the tents we build and sometimes nap. They also love to be outside so they do have the outdoor things to play with but then I start to think what do I get them when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

Last year I started thinking on how nice it would be just to go away for the holidays and why not. The older they get the more complicated things they want. I rather spend a little bit more money and just leave out of town and have some Relaxation and Fun and you can’t forget about the unforgettable memories and laughs that you had with them.

Okay let’s be honest, think about it mom’s. You don’t have to cook or clean after all of that wrapping paper and dirty dishes and your recycling bin full or washing dishes. That would be nice right? I know it would be. Don’t get me wrong I love to cook I absolutely do but I don’t want to do the cleaning up on a holiday, where I just want to lay in my pjs with the husband and kids and just watch Christmas movies with some popcorn or just sail away to somewhere tropical or to an amusement park. Right! Both is not a bad idea.

I have a big family and I love it. The holidays it’s going from one house to another hauling the gift that the kids received. My kids are truly blessed but I don’t want that anymore I want my kids travel like I did. (Never during big holidays though.) But at the same time my kids are very much homebody’s don’t get me wrong I love it too but I am a very spontaneous travel person. I love to get up and leave.

I am debating on just surprising my kids on a trip or do some last minute shopping for Christmas.

Comment below I would love to know,

Do you travel with your family or Stay local and spend time with you family.

❤️From my family to yours 💚

& The Life of Lysettie Spaghetti


Goals are like life check list, what are some goals that you want to check off.

If you go back to New Years Eve 12/31/16 a few minutes before the clocked strikes at midnight did you have any goals that you wanted to accomplish this year. Did you buy that house that you have been dreaming of, or that car that you have been saving up for or get married or had a baby, or simply go back to school or run a 5K,  or go on vacation  Whatever it may be did you accomplish that goal?
When writing your goals that you want to accomplish, you have a couple months till the end of the year. You have 60 days from today 11/01 days left try to check one thing off, it doesn’t have to be something really big it can be small.
YOU CAN DO THIS!! You will feel so good to check something off of that list of goals.
A couple of my goals this year was to travel to a place I have never been too and to go back to school.  I was able to check both of them off. If  I can do it as a full time employee, wife and mother and student so can you. By the way its never to late to go back to school to follow your dream career, do something that is going to make you happy don’t live a life with what if’s, go out and do it I know it can be scary at times, don’t let fear win. You can do it, if you have to start off with a small goal than do it.

When setting goals I learned a few things.
1. You will have people who don’t agree.
2. The ones who matter the most will have your back no matter what.
3. No goal is too small or to big.
4. Most of all believe in yourself that you can do it.

You must live a little to do a little. Don’t be scared of trying new things. Let loose have fun life is beautiful when you stop at look at the what the world has to offer.  🌎 ❤️



Just some Thoughts.

So the other day was Halloween, and my kids loved it, they dressed up as a princess and a ninja and then got candy wasted, best part there was so much candy left over.  Once  we got home the kids went to bed my husband and I are sitting in the living room and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and eating food and candy, to me that’s the best way to end the night. 

Okay, rewind to the start of the night….
My mom and I took the kids while the guys stayed behind passing out candy. My daughter has so much energy she is like the energizer bunny, but yet so lazy at times we didn’t even get 20 houses in and we were walking back. The kids were at the door and I looked at my mom look those are the stay at home moms, apart if the PTO, go to yoga, and have lunch dates and with Starbucks reusable cup in there hand  with a 50/50 chance that cup has some wine in it, I’m not going to lie I would too, they are the ones with 3 or more kids with a mini van. Okay funny thing is I told my mom and husband that I wanted a mini van because they very spacious in the inside but then I only have two kids why do I need something so damn big. By the way I never fit into those mom clubs  because I am always the youngest and they might start shit talking about me packing my kids a lunchable instead of making my kids a  healthy organic lunch, if I wake up early enough I do make them sandwiches other than that  they get lunchables. I feel like these moms are the mean ones from Bad Moms on the PTO. My mom laughed, I think she knows that I am right but didn’t want to say anything.
Meanwhile im over here trying to figure out my life by being a mom, wife and a college student. I may be young but I feel like I am trying to be the best mom as I can even when my kids drive me crazy and I just want to scream. I love my kids, without them  I think my life would be boring. Maybe one day before they get too big I would get my mini van.

On the bright side its November already, its my second favorite month because it has Thanksgiving (I Love Food) and I can start putting up christmas stuff everywhere, to the point it looks like Christmas threw up on my house, and start playing music.  I don’t know about you I felt like I can decorate my house today but some people think it’s too early to start decorating.
This year I am hosting thanksgiving at our house this year and I wanted to have Christmas decorations all over the house with a little bit of things for thanksgiving, maybe I might just wait till the weekend of Thanksgiving to decorate, so I can enjoy one holiday at a time.

Do you think it’s too early  to start decorating for christmas? What are your thoughts about the holidays. 


   Thank You for Reading,
The Life of Lysettie Spaghetti 

Oh Hello,

Welcome to the Life of Lysettie Spaghetti,

I’m Lysette and this is my blog, well my first one. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Married to my best friend, life travel partner, foodie like me he is perfect in my eyes.
I am also a mother of two beautiful children, lets be honest my son  who is eight and is amazing he is quiet and full of life and into Pokemon, army-men, and anything small that I can step on and on the other hand I have a daughter who is five but she has beyond so much energy with a million questions per minute and wild  but they are amazing and keeping me on my toes and I love them. 

I have two puppies my fur babies Roxy she is a sassy little toy poodle with tons of energy and Buddy is a teacup chihuahua that loves to nap and watch TV.
I am a big foodie I absolutely love food and trying new things except seafood and sushi.
I love Italian and Mexican food and PIZZA IS LIFE! 

I love to travel, I enjoy the adventure of a new place an the food, one of my life goals is to see the seven wonders of the world, and to go to Spain. 
I am currently back in school and pursuing a bachelor degree in Behavior Health, I love what I do there are times that I want to go home and scream, but for the most part I enjoy what I do and I would not be going back to school for something I don’t have a passion and enjoy doing but I do. I want to be able to help people.

So, this is it my first blog and hope you stay with me on this blog journey.


“Life is like spaghetti, can be messy at sometimes  but full of spice and delicious food”