Just some Thoughts.

So the other day was Halloween, and my kids loved it, they dressed up as a princess and a ninja and then got candy wasted, best part there was so much candy left over.  Once  we got home the kids went to bed my husband and I are sitting in the living room and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and eating food and candy, to me that’s the best way to end the night. 

Okay, rewind to the start of the night….
My mom and I took the kids while the guys stayed behind passing out candy. My daughter has so much energy she is like the energizer bunny, but yet so lazy at times we didn’t even get 20 houses in and we were walking back. The kids were at the door and I looked at my mom look those are the stay at home moms, apart if the PTO, go to yoga, and have lunch dates and with Starbucks reusable cup in there hand  with a 50/50 chance that cup has some wine in it, I’m not going to lie I would too, they are the ones with 3 or more kids with a mini van. Okay funny thing is I told my mom and husband that I wanted a mini van because they very spacious in the inside but then I only have two kids why do I need something so damn big. By the way I never fit into those mom clubs  because I am always the youngest and they might start shit talking about me packing my kids a lunchable instead of making my kids a  healthy organic lunch, if I wake up early enough I do make them sandwiches other than that  they get lunchables. I feel like these moms are the mean ones from Bad Moms on the PTO. My mom laughed, I think she knows that I am right but didn’t want to say anything.
Meanwhile im over here trying to figure out my life by being a mom, wife and a college student. I may be young but I feel like I am trying to be the best mom as I can even when my kids drive me crazy and I just want to scream. I love my kids, without them  I think my life would be boring. Maybe one day before they get too big I would get my mini van.

On the bright side its November already, its my second favorite month because it has Thanksgiving (I Love Food) and I can start putting up christmas stuff everywhere, to the point it looks like Christmas threw up on my house, and start playing music.  I don’t know about you I felt like I can decorate my house today but some people think it’s too early to start decorating.
This year I am hosting thanksgiving at our house this year and I wanted to have Christmas decorations all over the house with a little bit of things for thanksgiving, maybe I might just wait till the weekend of Thanksgiving to decorate, so I can enjoy one holiday at a time.

Do you think it’s too early  to start decorating for christmas? What are your thoughts about the holidays. 


   Thank You for Reading,
The Life of Lysettie Spaghetti 


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