Goals are like life check list, what are some goals that you want to check off.

If you go back to New Years Eve 12/31/16 a few minutes before the clocked strikes at midnight did you have any goals that you wanted to accomplish this year. Did you buy that house that you have been dreaming of, or that car that you have been saving up for or get married or had a baby, or simply go back to school or run a 5K,  or go on vacation  Whatever it may be did you accomplish that goal?
When writing your goals that you want to accomplish, you have a couple months till the end of the year. You have 60 days from today 11/01 days left try to check one thing off, it doesn’t have to be something really big it can be small.
YOU CAN DO THIS!! You will feel so good to check something off of that list of goals.
A couple of my goals this year was to travel to a place I have never been too and to go back to school.  I was able to check both of them off. If  I can do it as a full time employee, wife and mother and student so can you. By the way its never to late to go back to school to follow your dream career, do something that is going to make you happy don’t live a life with what if’s, go out and do it I know it can be scary at times, don’t let fear win. You can do it, if you have to start off with a small goal than do it.

When setting goals I learned a few things.
1. You will have people who don’t agree.
2. The ones who matter the most will have your back no matter what.
3. No goal is too small or to big.
4. Most of all believe in yourself that you can do it.

You must live a little to do a little. Don’t be scared of trying new things. Let loose have fun life is beautiful when you stop at look at the what the world has to offer.  🌎 ❤️




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