Gifts or Trips.

07816488-ACE6-4050-B163-DDBFCAEE9E30.jpegWe are less than a week away from Christmas. This week is a little bit busy for us in our house hold from Kids Christmas Programs, to last minute shopping, I have homework and then Christmas Eve will be here faster than I know.

I was speaking with my husband last night about what we getting the kids we still have a few little things but what is left for us to buy the kids. Everyone asks you “What does the kids need” then you start telling them, Oh they like this and that, and oh and the sizes that they are and the things that they are into. But then you start to think what is there left after everyone buys what they needed. Then I’m stuck and back at square one thinking again what to get them.

My 8 year old is very simple he can entertain himself with legos, little army men hot wheels. My 5 year old has a closet full of dress up clothes, a few barbies and Disney princesses but let’s be honest she plays with them 4-5 times a month. They both have tablets but they play with them but they are not glued to it. They enjoy making messes taking out every single blanket in the closet and from there bed rooms and every single pillow from the house and building tents and using there imagination. Don’t get me wrong I love to help build the tents and join in on the fun we laugh watch movies and eat popcorn in the tents we build and sometimes nap. They also love to be outside so they do have the outdoor things to play with but then I start to think what do I get them when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

Last year I started thinking on how nice it would be just to go away for the holidays and why not. The older they get the more complicated things they want. I rather spend a little bit more money and just leave out of town and have some Relaxation and Fun and you can’t forget about the unforgettable memories and laughs that you had with them.

Okay let’s be honest, think about it mom’s. You don’t have to cook or clean after all of that wrapping paper and dirty dishes and your recycling bin full or washing dishes. That would be nice right? I know it would be. Don’t get me wrong I love to cook I absolutely do but I don’t want to do the cleaning up on a holiday, where I just want to lay in my pjs with the husband and kids and just watch Christmas movies with some popcorn or just sail away to somewhere tropical or to an amusement park. Right! Both is not a bad idea.

I have a big family and I love it. The holidays it’s going from one house to another hauling the gift that the kids received. My kids are truly blessed but I don’t want that anymore I want my kids travel like I did. (Never during big holidays though.) But at the same time my kids are very much homebody’s don’t get me wrong I love it too but I am a very spontaneous travel person. I love to get up and leave.

I am debating on just surprising my kids on a trip or do some last minute shopping for Christmas.

Comment below I would love to know,

Do you travel with your family or Stay local and spend time with you family.

❤️From my family to yours 💚

& The Life of Lysettie Spaghetti


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